Phoenix is still hot. Not quite as hot as before, but still.

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So. Still attempting to discern how best to acclimatize our cat to her new home at Bonnie’s parents’ house. We think we’ve got the right idea going, but there’s still a good bit of hissing and yowling…but hey, no blood or swiping or fighting, so we’re leagues ahead of most stories we’ve heard. In fact, even as I type this, things seem to be going much better – 90% probably due to Bonnie’s soothing diplomacy, I think.

Anyhoo, earlier today we got to see my lovely friend Sarah, who just recently returned to Arizona and whom I hadn’t seen in forever. And, she finally got to meet Bonnie, whom she had previously teased me about; every time she’d been in town, Bonnie had been out of town, so it was reasonable in a sense to assume I was just making up this wonderful girlfriend I’d go on about.

We had a great time with her at Olive and Ivy, a restaurant near Fashion Square that matches its environs well with an understatedly fancy atmosphere and food along the same lines. We had an interesting salad appetizer with arugula, balsamic-glazed artichoke hearts, and parmesan that was nicely savory-sweet, and the girls both had the beet salad – it was surprisingly sunset-colorful with the beets and dotted with goat cheese and pistachios. I got the chicken panini, which would have been kind of pedestrian I think but for that it had a spicy salami which gave it a great deal more flavor. It’s an interesting, tasty place, we just wish we could get bigger portions of the same delicious food!olive and ivy

We also dropped off books for Bonnie’s mom at Books. Which seems to be its entire name. Which I guess isn’t any weirder than Bookmans, but it certainly wasn’t remotely the same at all as the latter. It just seemed to have a complete lack of a filter, which is good in terms of trading stuff in for credit, but massively overwhelming if you’re trying to find something good in lots and lots of dross.

And! We did Shabbat dinner at a Chabadnik house – it was much bigger than I was expecting, around thirty people probably. It was interesting in and of itself, but it also brought up all the usual things for me when I encounter very concentrated moments of Judaism. That is, interest mixed with ambivalence at certain parts with moments of alarm and insights where I finally get something…it’s something I could write more about than just in a blog post, though, so I’ll leave it at that.

apropos of nothing, me in a curtain-cape
apropos of nothing, me in a curtain-cape