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So far, Boston has been a nice mix of hanging out with friends, relaxing, eating good food, and with only a tiny bit of getting lost. Considering it’s Boston, we feel accomplished! The roads here are ridiculous! But you already knew that…

We arrived here by bus Saturday night and were completely famished because we hadn’t had time to stop for lunch before getting on the bus (lesson 15 would have been good to remember). The first place we passed after getting off in Davis Square happened to be Snappy Ramen, and even though we’d already had ramen twice on this trip, the mix of hunger and chilly weather made it sound delicious–and it was!

After dinner, Andrea and her boyfriend Andreas (it’s cool, guys, we know two Emilys dating each other in Tucson) picked us up, and we stayed with her for a couple days. Monday was spent apple picking with Xuemei, Phil and their friend Minjee at Honey Pot Hill Orchards. It was fun even though Bonnie was hobbling around a little after having attended a bootcamp class in Brooklyn with Josef the day before. For an early dinner we got way too much delicious Chinese food at Dumpling House then tried to get back to Andrea’s house. The combination of no street names and friendly strangers who give bad directions led us about a half mile out of our way, but we did eventually find out way back.

Monday we hung out with Kevin, got a nice Indian buffet lunch at India Palace and attempted to go to Taza Chocolate Factory and Bantam Cider. Alas, many things are apparently closed on Mondays, so we just had a nice walk instead. Fortunately we managed to go on a chocolate factory tour the following day. Their chocolate is apparently made in the traditional Mexican way, and their cocoa is all purchased through direct trade, which is apparently even better than fair trade as it cuts out the middleman and the farmers make much more money. Even though the chocolate was amazing, the absolute best part of the day was randomly running into Bonnie’s old friend Lauren, whom she hadn’t seen since Adamah 4 years ago! After some seriously surprised faces and lots of hugs, we decided to meet for dinner the next day.

In between, we met up for dinner with Sam (from Nativ, Bonnie’s year in Israel before college) and her husband Ben at Veggie Galaxy. It’s basically and old style diner but one where everything is vegetarian. Then of course we had to have dessert at Sam’s favorite ice cream place, Toscanini’s. She has apparently taken an extensive sampling of Boston’s ice cream shops, and this is the best one. It was remarkably good, and Bonnie liked that they focused on the flavors rather than the sugar.

After our visit to the chocolate factory, we went rock climbing with Carolyn and Jason at their rock gym. Although we were both rusty, it was super fun, and now we want to join one when we get back to AZ. It seems like the best all around workout that’s also mentally stimulating.

The next day, after a low key day of trip planning and a quick trip to see Carolyn’s lab, we met up with Kevin, Lauren (from the day before) and Erin (also from Adamah) at Highland Kitchen. The food was good, but unfortunately, it was a little too crowded to stay as long as we needed in order to fully catch up. We’ll make sure that gets planned for a later date!