“Basically, our wives were stalking each other…”

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True story. That is, we realized in explaining how we met our friends Rosie and Ari that the title is probably the most efficient way to boil it down. There is a longer story which we’d be happy to tell you, but it involved some social media stuff, wedding photo websites (and a shared photographer) and some small-world coincidences.

Anyway, the point of bringing this up is:

Rosie and Ari got hitched! Legally.


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We were luckily in town for a casual reception they had following their second round of nuptials at Temple Emanu-El (their first was a Jewish ceremony a week after ours, but we didn’t know each other at the time). We’ve been excited for them ever since we heard the news about marriage equality coming to Arizona while we were traveling back east. As the court decisions started rolling in this summer and fall, we kept hoping Arizona would be next!

In conclusion:


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  1. Very exciting! Also didn’t know that Jonathan Rauch had written a book on Gay Marriage in 2004. He’s a big wig in Washington and has written several political books. He’s from Phoenix and his Dad was Tonda’s partner for many years.