#datenight: Genesis Dance Project

Bonnie sure knows how to treat me like a lady! She was opening the car door for me and everything! On our romantic date night, that is. Which she was sweet enough to set out to take me on. Thanks Bonnie! Of course, it also afforded us an opportunity to get to explore new places, which is the best kind of date.

Dinner, with side dishes.

Korean-style side dishes, that is. Korean food always provided a smorgasbord of salty snacks, and Red Kimchi in Scottsdale is no exception. In this particular iteration, while there were less than the last time we wrote about Korean food, they were actually must tastier – especially some yellow slices we think were turnips, and a green leafy vegetable in rice wine.

The service was good, the booths were velvety, and there was even an Ingress portal basically inside the restaurant. Also: we got to try dunggulle tea, and now we want to get some for home. *we have no idea how to actually pronounce it

Dance, with weirdness.
photo from Desert Dance Theatre
photo from Desert Dance Theatre

The main event was at the Tempe Center for the Arts, a veritable temple of arts and culture, surrounded (as we figured out in accidentally walking all the way around it) with really interesting fountains, pools, and even fire and mirror-based sculpture. We got there early, and so spent a little extra time strolling along the Salt River and Tempe’s gorgeously lit bridges.

Now, up until that point I had no idea what we had traveled there for; even when Bonnie handed me the tickets, I still had no clue. I was just like Lex Luthor inhabiting the Flash’s body:

Funniest_Memes_lex-luthor-has-control-of-flash-s-body_3748I soon came to understand, however, that Genesis Dance Project was to be a showcase of both upcoming and established professional dancers across a diverse range of styles. It was right up my alley – Bonnie really does know me well!

The dancers really were fantastic all the way across the board, though there was something of a split between two general conditions. On one side were the perhaps more conventional, but gorgeous and impressive, like:

  • a solo guy doing some athletically robot and acrobatic stuff to Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive along with dramatic, Carvaggio-like shifts in lighting
  • a really impressive high school group that also used lighting to astounding effect along with one of my all-time favorite songs, Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei, beginning with tiny stars cupped in their hands in the dark, crescendoing to brilliant light, and returning to quiet shadow
  • graceful traditional ballet and flamenco

On the other side were dancers that were obviously skilled, and obviously had a message, but my eyebrow was raised so hard over time that it actually became sore, including:

  • two dancers dressed like male and female Hitlers, doing a not-quite-explainable comedic routine
  • a woman acting as if dancing movements were trying to burst from her body without her volition, but they never quite burst free to our frustration (maybe that was part of the meaning, though?)
  • what seemed to be performance art involving recycled objects like a shop sink, toilet seat hat, and a tea kettle, creating never-quite-rhythmic percussion and with spoken-word non-sequiturs

We really, very much enjoyed the parts that we could best liken to So You Think You Can Dance, and did our best to appreciate the more post-modern offerings. I think we found them a little opaque, in the end, but perhaps we just need better dance education. It was a great time overall, though, even in being perplexed!


And, the last course: dessert. Of course.

Mill Ave, which Bonnie pointed out is kind of like 4th Ave in Tucson in a sense but a bit douchier, wasn’t too far away, so we popped over for some ice cream at Sparky’s. You can really tell that their ice cream is house made – it’s very soft and creamy. Their amaretto blackberry sorbet and dark chocolate raspberry habanero were both very good, but in the end we just went with old, delicious standbys: coffee and double-fudge.

tl:dr, Thank you Bonnie for the romantic, adventurous date! And for showing me that chivalry is indeed not dead!