Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness: an Arizona classic

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Trivial things we knew about Aravaipa Canyon upon a first thought: according to Google, it’s four, maybe five hours away from either Tucson or Phoenix Kevin once saw a centipede of monstrous, prehistoric proportions there from when I was in Boy … Continued

“Basically, our wives were stalking each other…”

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True story. That is, we realized in explaining how we met our friends Rosie and Ari that the title is probably the most efficient way to boil it down. There is a longer story which we’d be happy to tell … Continued

Phoenix is still hot. Not quite as hot as before, but still.

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So. Still attempting to discern how best to acclimatize our cat to her new home at Bonnie’s parents’ house. We think we’ve got the right idea going, but there’s still a good bit of hissing and yowling…but hey, no blood … Continued

Delightful. Delicious. De-lovely!

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Since we’re still waiting on travel (aka simultaneously dismantling and repairing our house, for example), I figured I’d take the time to write about one of my favorite things – local food! In this particular case, I mean some delicious … Continued

Mesquite Bread: a very long-term, tasty project

So way back when, oh, within the heat of last summer, we set out on a project that ended up taking much, much longer than I’d imagined it would. Now, we had also done our first saguaro fruit harvest that … Continued

Calamansi Drank, Winter Melon Drank, Chrysanthemum Drank….

One trouble of waiting for travel to start and saving up money for the same is starting to feel weighed down by exactly those things. I’ve been trying to find a creative way out of that feeling, though, and in … Continued

Tampa Bay Chocolate

Every town that I’ve lived in has had a favorite confection.  Jacksonville had cupcakes, San Francisco had macarons, and Tampa has chocolates.  These chocolates range from homey to complex, covering the gamut of flavors and styles.  This post will cover … Continued


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I’ve driven past the Winterhaven neighborhood probably hundreds of times.  It’s relatively central for Tucson, a small residential area with oddly curved streets within the greater grid, just shy of the more affluent Catalina foothills.  Probably ninety percent of those … Continued

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