Photo Bomb: New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn

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We spent about a week in New Jersey visiting family–hanging out, eating good food, wrestling with children–you know how it goes. Then we came back to New York really just in order to fly out, but it also gave us … Continued

Portland highlights! Friends. Fattening. F…unky.

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In no particular order…. [email subscribers click through for the photos!] We got to see our friend Kumi, who lives in Portland now and has continued her pop-up restaurant business, Ruchikala. She also makes special breads she sells out of her house, like … Continued

Hangin’ out on the porch

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[click through for images] Also, we went to Nipa’s Thai Cuisine in Redding today, which was delicious, incredibly spicy, and our 8 year old server was both more adorable and more capable than most servers we’ve had. And, we saw Lucy, which … Continued

Photobomb! Phoenix to Pasadena.

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[if you’re getting this post via email, make sure you click through to it on our website to see the photo carousel :D] No particular order on the photos, but here’s some notes on stuff we found along the way: … Continued