Even though we’ve been purging, selling, tossing, lending, giving away, and using up everything we could for the past several months, there’s still piles and piles of stuff. Or mountains? There’s valleys…there’s really a whole terrain that’s filling our living … Continued

House for Rent

UPDATE:  Not only did we find a renter, but they’re moving in July 1st!  That a whole extra month of rental income we weren’t expecting.  Woohoo!   After lots of consideration, we finally decided to rent out our house.  It’s … Continued

What to do with the house: sell or rent

To continue the previous post about the context of our current big decision, here’s how we ended up working it all out. a quick consideration of selling Our friend Paul, who happens to be a realtor, actually did a very good … Continued

What to do with the house: context

Owning a house has been something of a mixed bag. I mean, I’m hugely grateful for the opportunity to even be able to do it in the first place. Basically, my parents had saved up money to help my brother … Continued