Reflections on India and a Summary

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Considering how long it’s taken to write this post, you might have guessed that India was…let’s say…challenging. I had wanted to visit India for as long as I can remember, and I know that Frank had similar feelings, but it … Continued

Finally Myself Again (and why everyone needs health insurance)

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Since today is really the first time this week in which I’m starting to feel like myself again, I finally have the motivation to write this. In an unexpected twist of fate, I ended up needing hernia surgery, which I had last … Continued

Happy Holidays!

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Although not exactly as we’d originally planned, 2014 ended up being a pretty great year. We saw lots of amazing places and visited with lots and lots of family and friends. We must say, though, that a major highlight was … Continued

“Basically, our wives were stalking each other…”

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True story. That is, we realized in explaining how we met our friends Rosie and Ari that the title is probably the most efficient way to boil it down. There is a longer story which we’d be happy to tell … Continued

Would you say…there is a plethora?

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Three Amigos reference, anyone? Anyone? Anyway, we’re in the middle of traveling and all, but just thought we’d share a list we pondered over – it’s of all the professions we’ve encountered so far while traveling outside of Arizona. We think, … Continued

Retrospective: Last Week of Work

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Now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, and I’m not completely bogged down by dealing with stuff, I’m starting to really think about how things ended in Tucson.  And you know what?  I’m very happy about … Continued