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After some great beach time on Koh Phangan, we’re now in Vietnam! Before we move on to telling you about that, we’ve gotta back up a bit. Koh Tao is really all about the diving. It was a bit of … Continued

Travel Research: Bihar

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Bihar is located a bit over from the Seven Sisters, at the northeast corner of the main part of India. Its history stretches back into powerful, prominent ages, but more recently it seems to have fallen onto some hard times. … Continued

Travel Research: Assam

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Assam is another state in the Seven Sisters, that eastern island of Indian land. Assam is surrounded by its six “sisters” and is relatively big for the cluster. So! There’s lots of juicy information to dive into. Why does Assam … Continued

Photo Bomb: New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn

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We spent about a week in New Jersey visiting family–hanging out, eating good food, wrestling with children–you know how it goes. Then we came back to New York really just in order to fly out, but it also gave us … Continued

BIKE PARTY WOOOO! aka, Halloween in Baltimore

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Though our Halloween costumes were a bit ad hoc, we luckily had another activity besides trick or treating to focus on: Baltimore Bike Party. Apparently, it’s a big thing round these parts, with a veritable mob of traffic-law-disregarding participants. You can … Continued

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