Travel Research: Bihar

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Bihar is located a bit over from the Seven Sisters, at the northeast corner of the main part of India. Its history stretches back into powerful, prominent ages, but more recently it seems to have fallen onto some hard times. … Continued

We’re So Classy: History, Gourmet, Art

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After several wonderful days with Carolyn and Jason in Somerville, we decided to move to Xuemei and Phil’s place in Brookline. Our introduction was a delicious lunch at Cutty’s, a sandwich shop in Brookline that sources many of its ingredients … Continued

Brooklyn Part Two – Atlantic Avenue. Almost a song lyric, there.

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Before we headed up to Boston, Josef luckily had time to give us a tour of Atlantic Avenue, where he works for the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District to develop business, beautify streets, and just make the area a nicer … Continued

The Art Institute’s Museum Cafe: A Culinary Work of Art

While in Chicago we were incredibly lucky enough to borrow a free pass from a friend to the Art Institute, but even the admittedly steep-seeming fee would have been well worth it, in retrospect.  We were able to easily get … Continued

Art Galleries Galore in Tubac, Arizona

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Tubac has a wonderful variety of art galleries, shops, and restaurants all within easy walking distance of each other.  At about forty-five minutes from Tucson, it’s great for a day trip for shopping and lunch.  The galleries we’re listing below … Continued

Light and Color at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows

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Most of the main draws on Navy Pier in Chicago are big, touristy at best and mall-food-court-y at worst.  Hidden away, however, is the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows.  I mean it when I say hidden away: there are … Continued