Reflections on India and a Summary

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Considering how long it’s taken to write this post, you might have guessed that India was…let’s say…challenging. I had wanted to visit India for as long as I can remember, and I know that Frank had similar feelings, but it … Continued

Hua Hin notes

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Once upon a time, Hua Hin was a retreat for Thai royalty – they’d come here from Bangkok to get away from it all, and built the necessary palaces for such, of course. When the railroad was built, though, Hua Hin … Continued

Thank you, Granite Rocx!

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In a very lucky stroke, the folks at Granite Rocx were kind enough to let us try out one of their interesting and unusual backpacks! The particular model we got is the Cascade, which is the larger of their two … Continued

Travel Research: Gujarat

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Okay, I’ve definitely heard of Gujarat before. I can’t place where, though…it might have been anything from a novel to a yoga text to something about wars in antiquity. I’ve heard of it, though! And that’ll bug me till I … Continued

Travel Research: Goa

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What is this, a state for ants?! Zoolander? Anyone? Wow yeah I’m tired. Anyway, Goa really is tiny! It looks like the Rhode Island of India, in terms of size. Interestingly, it’s the fourth smallest state by population, which makes … Continued

Travel Research: Andhra Pradesh

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First off, I had no idea India has as many states as it does – for whatever reason, I thought it had maybe five or six, but not the twenty-nine states and seventeen territories it actually boasts. In any case, … Continued

Highlights post-peninsula: Oregon Coast!

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Leaving the peninsula, we ended up staying in Aberdeen, which is apparently where Kurt Cobain grew up. There wasn’t much to recommend it from our perspective – it was foggy, grey, and industrial – except for a Mexican restaurant we … Continued

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