So it’s technically possible to get around LA without a car…

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We’ve officially arrived at stop #1 on our round the world adventure–exotic Los Angeles! We took an overnight Greyhound bus from Phoenix to LA, took 3 city buses and then walked a 1.3 miles up the hill to Bonnie’s cousin’s … Continued

Bushwick Collective Street Art

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Staying with Allison afforded us not only great home-cooked food but also fun recommendations for some more off the beaten path things to do. She directed us to the Bushwick Collective, just a few stops past where she and Boris … Continued

Ugh. Insurance.

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Dealing with insurance has never been one of our favorite things. In one sense, it just seems like a weird kind of gambling. We’re betting the insurance company that we will get in a car accident, that we’ll contract some bizarre … Continued

What to do with the house: sell or rent

To continue the previous post about the context of our current big decision, here’s how we ended up working it all out. a quick consideration of selling Our friend Paul, who happens to be a realtor, actually did a very good … Continued

In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part two

Here’s part one, in case you missed it.  Part two is about things that are ingested, so it isn’t as topical, but still topical, if you catch my drift. Anyhoo, we like these especially because they’re small, light, and easy … Continued

In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part one

Now that we’re considering what to pack for our travels, one category of things we’ve been looking at is first aid and health. We’ve yet to decide about some of the more standard things like antibiotics and bandages (though we … Continued

Transportation Across the USA: Taking the Bus

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One of the worst things about living in the West is that the entire USA can seem like a barrier to international travel. A flight from Phoenix to Boston is going to cost around $150 one way, but that’s only … Continued

Saving for Travel: Shaving!

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Shave Soaps There are shelves and shelves of increasingly fancy shaving creams at the market….and gels, and creams, and lotions, and bizarre, dank Axe products.  Some are futuristic translucent colors, some attempt to have pretty, “feminine” scents but end up … Continued

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