So it’s technically possible to get around LA without a car…

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We’ve officially arrived at stop #1 on our round the world adventure–exotic Los Angeles! We took an overnight Greyhound bus from Phoenix to LA, took 3 city buses and then walked a 1.3 miles up the hill to Bonnie’s cousin’s … Continued

Thank you, Granite Rocx!

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In a very lucky stroke, the folks at Granite Rocx were kind enough to let us try out one of their interesting and unusual backpacks! The particular model we got is the Cascade, which is the larger of their two … Continued

Happy Holidays!

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Although not exactly as we’d originally planned, 2014 ended up being a pretty great year. We saw lots of amazing places and visited with lots and lots of family and friends. We must say, though, that a major highlight was … Continued

Chico and Sierra Nevada Brewery

[Click through to website for more photos!] The first time we drove up from Sacramento, we decided to take a more scenic route, so we passed through Chico but just for a few minutes.  It was enough time to decide … Continued

Ahhh…the aroma of burning forests. And pond goop.

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The former of which – the burning, smoky, campfire smell – we’ve woken up to for a few days now. That, and an omnipresent haze  that has reduced our mountain vistas to hints of mysterious valleys and pseudo-overcast white-greyness. Moral … Continued

Quick Post From the Sac – Korean and Fringe

Okay, first off, calling it “Sac” as the locals do is just so damn awkward. Kinda funny, too, but you can do better, Sacramento! Anyway, after all the pickling we’d been doing, we’d been having some intense cravings for kimchi, … Continued

Bonnie’s Farm-Fresh Curry!

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Ingredients buttah (melty) onions (white) ginger (grated) garlic (delicious) jalapenos (chopped) taters (subterranean) chard (rainbow) squash (raygun-style) green beans (sneaky) carrots (oddly colored) broccoli stems (postmodern) coconut milk (creamy) broth (savory) leftover dill relish from canning (random) curry and chili … Continued

Exploring! Mountains and Burgers

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[Click through for photos!] Well, currently we’re actually doing a lot of “jickling” – jamming and pickling – while Will’s off to see his family in Port Townsend. But now’s a good time to write about the lazy Sunday roadtripping we … Continued

Hangin’ out on the porch

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[click through for images] Also, we went to Nipa’s Thai Cuisine in Redding today, which was delicious, incredibly spicy, and our 8 year old server was both more adorable and more capable than most servers we’ve had. And, we saw Lucy, which … Continued

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