The Art Institute’s Museum Cafe: A Culinary Work of Art

While in Chicago we were incredibly lucky enough to borrow a free pass from a friend to the Art Institute, but even the admittedly steep-seeming fee would have been well worth it, in retrospect.  We were able to easily get … Continued

Mana Food Bar: Veggie, Trendy, Modern…and Tasty

Being very small, closely packed and dark might lead to claustrophobia in another context, but Chicago’s Mana Food Bar has some saving graces.  Those same possibly negative aspects are flipped by classy, quality design to make you feel like you’re in … Continued

Orange: Polished But Unusual, Delicious Either Way

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The other breakfast place we tried on our trip to Chicago was Orange. It’s less indie than Victory’s Banner, and has several locations in the city, but it’s just as unique in menu and character. Right off the bat, I … Continued

Chicago: A Walk in Roscoe Village

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For our stay in Chicago we were lucky to have a friend with a spare room who lives in Roscoe Village.  His condo is interestingly in a converted pencil factory, so it makes for a surprising mix of old and … Continued

Great Breakfast at Victory’s Banner in Chicago

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The first we heard of Victory’s Banner was that we could get ten percent off our bill if we were to tell our server we were feeling particularly joyful that day.  Whether one would also have to be sincere in that … Continued

Light and Color at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows

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Most of the main draws on Navy Pier in Chicago are big, touristy at best and mall-food-court-y at worst.  Hidden away, however, is the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows.  I mean it when I say hidden away: there are … Continued

I Agree: The Best Place to Get a Chicago Hot Dog

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When we asked around about where to find the best authentic Chicago hot dog, we got the same response over and over: Hot Doug’s.  We luckily had time for a quick detour to the “Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium” … Continued