Bushwick Collective Street Art

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Staying with Allison afforded us not only great home-cooked food but also fun recommendations for some more off the beaten path things to do. She directed us to the Bushwick Collective, just a few stops past where she and Boris … Continued

We’re So Classy: History, Gourmet, Art

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After several wonderful days with Carolyn and Jason in Somerville, we decided to move to Xuemei and Phil’s place in Brookline. Our introduction was a delicious lunch at Cutty’s, a sandwich shop in Brookline that sources many of its ingredients … Continued

Chico and Sierra Nevada Brewery

[Click through to website for more photos!] The first time we drove up from Sacramento, we decided to take a more scenic route, so we passed through Chico but just for a few minutes.  It was enough time to decide … Continued

Quick Post From the Sac – Korean and Fringe

Okay, first off, calling it “Sac” as the locals do is just so damn awkward. Kinda funny, too, but you can do better, Sacramento! Anyway, after all the pickling we’d been doing, we’d been having some intense cravings for kimchi, … Continued

Oh hot damn, this is my…strange apple butter concoction?

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That is, it didn’t exactly turn out to be a jam. Rather, what was intended to be a jam ended up being more of a lemony, cactus fruit apple butter. Long and short of it, I’d been staring at the … Continued

Mesquite Bread: a very long-term, tasty project

So way back when, oh, within the heat of last summer, we set out on a project that ended up taking much, much longer than I’d imagined it would. Now, we had also done our first saguaro fruit harvest that … Continued

Never thought we’d go to Tennessee! Part One

First off, purely in terms of scenery, early March may not have been the best time to visit Tennessee. To my eyes, every last tree and plant looked so grey and dead that the state seemed to be one stray … Continued

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