Reflections on India and a Summary

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Considering how long it’s taken to write this post, you might have guessed that India was…let’s say…challenging. I had wanted to visit India for as long as I can remember, and I know that Frank had similar feelings, but it … Continued

Delhi and the Taj Mahal

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In Kolkata, we were often not quite sure whether the haze that would sometimes obscure the streets was benign, foggy moisture, or smog. Back in Malaysia and Singapore, the more omnipresent haze had a very distinct source: the horrible forest … Continued

Kolkata: Temples, Synagogues, Spirituality

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We visited Dakshinesvar Kali Temple while we were in Kolkata, just outside the city proper. We were up before dawn to avoid the crowds and the beggars; I suppose that alone is telling. I’ve read an entire book on this temple, … Continued

Kolkata: First Impressions

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Kolkata is a noisy, crowded, chaotic, smelly, trashed, glinting, arguing, confusing, hot mess of a city – especially so after the relatively urbane and spotless Chiang Mai. This post may or may not follow that format; I’ll do my best … Continued

Travel Research: Jharkhand

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In Jharkhand, we came from a state that was full of extremes due to its terrain to a state whose dichotomies are of a somewhat more human nature. But we’ll come back to that! First off, some interesting name trivia. Jharkhand literally … Continued

Travel Research: Jammu and Kashmir

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Here’s an interesting little region – north of the previous state, more directly in the Himalayan mountains, lies Jammu and Kashmir. Now, get ready for some confusing talk, because I was confused reading it, so I’m guessing my writing will be … Continued

Travel Research: Himachal Pradesh

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Should we get a hankering for checking “mountains” off a list of places to visit, Himachal Pradesh will be the place to go. I mean, we can go to plenty of places with mountains, but this one has some bits … Continued

Travel Research: Haryana

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Hello, Haryana! North, central India represent! Okay I’m not sure if this state actually warrants that enthusiasm. Hmm…this state sounds familiar to me because I feel like I’ve had food named after it. Or…shoot, am I thinking of Biryani, in a half-rhyme … Continued

Travel Research: Gujarat

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Okay, I’ve definitely heard of Gujarat before. I can’t place where, though…it might have been anything from a novel to a yoga text to something about wars in antiquity. I’ve heard of it, though! And that’ll bug me till I … Continued

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