Quick post: a dash through Bangkok

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Ant-Man!   Minions!   But remember to stand before the movie starts – respect the king! No seriously, it’s a thing – make sure to stand up for this when it plays after all the trailers and whatnot. Also, the … Continued

Little Farm Friendly Project

No, that’s not a typo; at least, we don’t think, anyway – that’s how you look it up online. Here’s their website! Maybe it’s a translation thing? In any case, it’s a little farm-slash-animal sanctuary in Ratchaburi Province, about two … Continued

Our Friends Are Awesome At Things

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Overworked fatigued dehydrated slightly inebriated teenagers operating heavy industrial equipment. Of course, we don’t use this to refer to Kevin and his fellow rangers, but the above is entirely accurate to the people who worked once upon a colonial-days time … Continued