In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part three

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Part three! Of three. Last one, for now anyway. This is less medicinal, per se, and more practices for self-maintenance, so they’re pretty easy to transport given they exist more in an abstract. Or, you know, in small spherical form. … Continued

Just thought I’d share a sample I wrote for a writing residency

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When I’d traveled in the past, I’d gone into the experience expecting to feel different somehow when I finally set foot at the destination. I don’t just mean some change in weather or even feeling startled at wildly different terrain. … Continued

Mindful Eating Part 2

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Here’s part 1, in case you missed it. Below is an exercise I encourage everyone to try, using a Hershey’s Kiss or other small chocolate.  If you don’t eat or don’t like chocolate, pick something else you love to eat, … Continued

Travel Exercise: Tai Chi. T’ai chi? Taiji.

Tai chi, or whichever of its several transliterations into English like I was wondering which to use in the title, might be a little off-putting as a way of exercising simply in seeming so unfamiliar.  How moving in very slow … Continued

Mindful Eating

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As we write about all these amazing restaurants and foods, we sometimes forget to think about why we really eat food.  It’s important to take a step back and be thankful for everything our bodies do for us and to … Continued