Travel Research: Jharkhand

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In Jharkhand, we came from a state that was full of extremes due to its terrain to a state whose dichotomies are of a somewhat more human nature. But we’ll come back to that! First off, some interesting name trivia. Jharkhand literally … Continued

Travel Research: Jammu and Kashmir

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Here’s an interesting little region – north of the previous state, more directly in the Himalayan mountains, lies Jammu and Kashmir. Now, get ready for some confusing talk, because I was confused reading it, so I’m guessing my writing will be … Continued

Travel Research: Haryana

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Hello, Haryana! North, central India represent! Okay I’m not sure if this state actually warrants that enthusiasm. Hmm…this state sounds familiar to me because I feel like I’ve had food named after it. Or…shoot, am I thinking of Biryani, in a half-rhyme … Continued

Travel Research: Gujarat

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Okay, I’ve definitely heard of Gujarat before. I can’t place where, though…it might have been anything from a novel to a yoga text to something about wars in antiquity. I’ve heard of it, though! And that’ll bug me till I … Continued

Travel Research: Goa

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What is this, a state for ants?! Zoolander? Anyone? Wow yeah I’m tired. Anyway, Goa really is tiny! It looks like the Rhode Island of India, in terms of size. Interestingly, it’s the fourth smallest state by population, which makes … Continued

Travel Research: Andhra Pradesh

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First off, I had no idea India has as many states as it does – for whatever reason, I thought it had maybe five or six, but not the twenty-nine states and seventeen territories it actually boasts. In any case, … Continued

What to do with the house: context

Owning a house has been something of a mixed bag. I mean, I’m hugely grateful for the opportunity to even be able to do it in the first place. Basically, my parents had saved up money to help my brother … Continued