Phoenix is still hot. Not quite as hot as before, but still.

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So. Still attempting to discern how best to acclimatize our cat to her new home at Bonnie’s parents’ house. We think we’ve got the right idea going, but there’s still a good bit of hissing and yowling…but hey, no blood … Continued

Last night here!

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We had passing thoughts of being pretty settled for our last night in this house, given that we have most of tomorrow to use. And, given that we don’t even have a bed at all any more, we very seriously … Continued

What to do with the house: sell or rent

To continue the previous post about the context of our current big decision, here’s how we ended up working it all out. a¬†quick consideration of selling Our friend Paul, who happens to be a realtor, actually did a very good … Continued

What to do with the house: context

Owning a house has been something of a mixed bag. I mean, I’m hugely grateful for the opportunity to even be able to do it in the first place. Basically, my parents had saved up money to help my brother … Continued