Thank you, Granite Rocx!

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In a very lucky stroke, the folks at Granite Rocx were kind enough to let us try out one of their interesting and unusual backpacks! The particular model we got is the Cascade, which is the larger of their two … Continued

Thank you, Heel That Pain!

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I’ve experimented with various shoe inserts for years. Some were for running, and were especially helpful because I have been known to use running shoes far past their expiration date. Others were for my steel-toed boots when I was an EMT … Continued

We’re So Classy: History, Gourmet, Art

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After several wonderful days with Carolyn and Jason in Somerville, we decided to move to Xuemei and Phil’s place in Brookline. Our introduction was a delicious lunch at Cutty’s, a sandwich shop in Brookline that sources many of its ingredients … Continued

Quick Post From the Sac – Korean and Fringe

Okay, first off, calling it “Sac” as the locals do is just so damn awkward. Kinda funny, too, but you can do better, Sacramento! Anyway, after all the pickling we’d been doing, we’d been having some intense cravings for kimchi, … Continued

So sticky. So humid. Also, Brazil, we hardly knew ye…

Today was more trench-clearing for Will and Frank – no more fence was laid as yet, but still, progress was made. Very, very sweaty progress…it was like the morning was a salute to sticky Tucson monsoon days. Meghan and Bonnie joined … Continued

Lazy Days in Sacramento

Sacramento (or really, Rocklin/Roseville) has been a good time so far: got some practical shopping done, got a lot of relaxing done. Frank kind of colored himself out using his anatomy book, and Bonnie and Wyatt took some good naps. … Continued

In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part two

Here’s part one, in case you missed it.  Part two is about things that are ingested, so it isn’t as topical, but still topical, if you catch my drift. Anyhoo, we like these especially because they’re small, light, and easy … Continued

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