Quick Post From the Sac – Korean and Fringe

Okay, first off, calling it “Sac” as the locals do is just so damn awkward. Kinda funny, too, but you can do better, Sacramento! Anyway, after all the pickling we’d been doing, we’d been having some intense cravings for kimchi, … Continued

Exploring! Mountains and Burgers

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[Click through for photos!] Well, currently we’re actually doing a lot of “jickling” – jamming and pickling – while Will’s off to see his family in Port Townsend. But now’s a good time to write about the lazy Sunday roadtripping we … Continued

Made it to Sacramento!

Not without some challenges, but not in any particularly challenging way. We spent the morning hanging out in different coffee shops, working on stuff on our snazzy Chromebook and reading, and then took a quick detour to try to figure … Continued

Photobomb! Phoenix to Pasadena.

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[if you’re getting this post via email, make sure you click through to it on our website to see the photo carousel :D] No particular order on the photos, but here’s some notes on stuff we found along the way: … Continued

Planning Update!

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Frank and I realized that we’ve neglected to fill you in on our plans along the way.  Our original idea was: Leave our jobs at the end of May, spend a few weeks driving east (through the South) while visiting … Continued