Travel Research: Gujarat

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Okay, I’ve definitely heard of Gujarat before. I can’t place where, though…it might have been anything from a novel to a yoga text to something about wars in antiquity. I’ve heard of it, though! And that’ll bug me till I … Continued

Photo Bomb: New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn

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We spent about a week in New Jersey visiting family–hanging out, eating good food, wrestling with children–you know how it goes. Then we came back to New York really just in order to fly out, but it also gave us … Continued

BIKE PARTY WOOOO! aka, Halloween in Baltimore

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Though our Halloween costumes were a bit ad hoc, we luckily had another activity besides trick or treating to focus on: Baltimore Bike Party. Apparently, it’s a big thing round these parts, with a veritable mob of traffic-law-disregarding participants. You can … Continued

We’re So Classy: History, Gourmet, Art

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After several wonderful days with Carolyn and Jason in Somerville, we decided to move to Xuemei and Phil’s place in Brookline. Our introduction was a delicious lunch at Cutty’s, a sandwich shop in Brookline that sources many of its ingredients … Continued

Our Friends Are Awesome At Things

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Overworked fatigued dehydrated slightly inebriated teenagers operating heavy industrial equipment. Of course, we don’t use this to refer to Kevin and his fellow rangers, but the above is entirely accurate to the people who worked once upon a colonial-days time … Continued

Brooklyn Part Two – Atlantic Avenue. Almost a song lyric, there.

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Before we headed up to Boston, Josef luckily had time to give us a tour of Atlantic Avenue, where he works for the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District to develop business, beautify streets, and just make the area a nicer … Continued

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