Lassen Volcanic National Park: The Best Little Park We’d Never Heard Of

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[lots of photos, so if you’re reading via email, makes sure to click through!] Will and Meghan suggested for our first weekend-exploring trip that we check out the nearest national park, Lassen Volcanic, because – as Will put it – … Continued

Carrying stuff, Data-ing Stuff, Etc

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In some senses, right now we’re in a kind of pre-travel limbo, but that hasn’t stopped us from doing our best to get a jump on what we can at the moment, nonetheless. That includes playing Tetris with boxes in … Continued

Transportation Across the USA: Taking the Bus

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One of the worst things about living in the West is that the entire USA can seem like a barrier to international travel. A flight from Phoenix to Boston is going to cost around $150 one way, but that’s only … Continued

A Triptych of Tastes on San Juan Island

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The islands in the Salish Sea emerge from the waves like the humped backs of whales so utterly immense that it simply makes sense that forests will grow on them.  One of the largest of these is San Juan Island … Continued

Choose Your Own Style: Lodging

Something that many people may not realize is that there are lots of different styles of travel, and it’s very important to find the style that works for you.  This applies to every element of travel (rooming, food, transportation, etc.).  … Continued