Kolkata: Temples, Synagogues, Spirituality

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We visited Dakshinesvar Kali Temple while we were in Kolkata, just outside the city proper. We were up before dawn to avoid the crowds and the beggars; I suppose that alone is telling. I’ve read an entire book on this temple, … Continued

Finally Myself Again (and why everyone needs health insurance)

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Since today is really the first time this week in which I’m starting to feel like myself again, I finally have the motivation to write this. In an unexpected twist of fate, I ended up needing hernia surgery, which I had last … Continued

Thank you, Heel That Pain!

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I’ve experimented with various shoe inserts for years. Some were for running, and were especially helpful because I have been known to use running shoes far past their expiration date. Others were for my steel-toed boots when I was an EMT … Continued

Travel Research: Andhra Pradesh

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First off, I had no idea India has as many states as it does – for whatever reason, I thought it had maybe five or six, but not the twenty-nine states and seventeen territories it actually boasts. In any case, … Continued

Happy Holidays!

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Although not exactly as we’d originally planned, 2014 ended up being a pretty great year. We saw lots of amazing places and visited with lots and lots of family and friends. We must say, though, that a major highlight was … Continued

Would you say…there is a plethora?

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Three Amigos reference, anyone? Anyone? Anyway, we’re in the middle of traveling and all, but just thought we’d share a list we pondered over – it’s of all the professions we’ve encountered so far while traveling outside of Arizona. We think, … Continued

Bushwick Collective Street Art

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Staying with Allison afforded us not only great home-cooked food but also fun recommendations for some more off the beaten path things to do. She directed us to the Bushwick Collective, just a few stops past where she and Boris … Continued

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