Beautiful boutique hotel with friendly staff!

We traveled for a great three weeks throughout the Yucatan, and Howlite was undoubtedly our favorite remain. Warm welcome, really clean and pretty room, friendly staff, and a tasty breakfast – what more can you request!

The resort is superbly decorated. The swimming pool (place ) is fantastic.

The staff was quite friendly and helpful with the cozumel coral restoration tour. It is adorable they have a whole lot of hints to make your stay in Tulum rewarding (despite the seaweed problem). The area was quite beautiful also.

Various fruits daily will be an improvement. The hotel is very far from the middle. However, the walk is secure and achievable. We are not a massive lover of Tulum, yet this beautiful area composed of a great deal!

This location is in a fantastic place and walking distance to the major road (15mins). It is a small boutique resort, and both individuals who have been functioning at reception were amicable and useful. I booked my excursions through them using an Italian owned tour business, and that I had a terrific time on the meeting some handsome men and women.

They serve breakfast on the patio overlooking the pool. The breakfast was typical. The pool was wonderful.

There is no door between the room and the toilet, only a curtain. It is on one of those back roads, and it is not that well lit during the night, so I would make sure if you’re walking your own a torch/light with you, but I was lonely and felt very secure. They’ve free drinking water, so choose a refillable bottle.

I would undoubtedly recommend cycling down, rather than a vehicle, since the traffic is terrible across the beach strip. Breakfast was simple but refreshing, and sufficient to begin the day until you devour all of the tacos and guacamole. We had a few of their best tacos just a 5min walk from the resort, directly on the corner once you walk up to the significant street and quite affordable. Overall a fantastic stay!