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When we met in 2009, we quickly figured out that a primary focus of our relationship would be long-term travel together, and we have been working toward it ever since. While discussing our planning with friends, family and people we meet, we’re often looking for advice or suggestions, but we realized that the most common response we’ve gotten is, “I wish I could do that!” or “I was gonna do that!”

Well, we want to show them and you that it’s much more possible than it might seem, it’s never too late, and we want to share how you can have a traveler’s mindset even when you’re at home. To us, this means prioritizing relationships and experiences over possessions, trying new things, and experiencing our community to the fullest.

We decided to work around some happy family events, so even though true to plan we still sold most of our stuff, rented out our house and quit our regular jobs in July ’14, we stayed in the US for the first year. We spent last summer working on a friend’s farm in northern California and then explored the West Coast for a month or so. Then we went back to Phoenix for a bit while our nephew was born and after that, spent a couple months visiting friends and family all around the northeastern US.

After spending some time in Phoenix taking care of our nephew and celebrating Frank’s brother’s wedding, we left the country in May. You can follow our adventures here on our blog, on Facebook and on Twitter! We look forward to your comments and emails.