Europe | Food and Drink

There's a lot more we have to write about Europe as yet, but as we move on, I'm already missing some of the really interesting food and drink we had while we were without any further ado, here's my list of things I'll probably be searching for in the USA! *in no particular … Continue reading

Rome | Exhibitions

There are a great many permanent collections and installations in the museums and galleries of Rome, of course, but Bonnie and I also made a point of going to two temporary exhibitions while we were there. The first was the main reason we traveled to Rome at all; the latter, actually, was just … Continue reading

Rome Highlights | A Study in Contrasts

Bonnie and I have long realized a pattern in our travels where we pause for a moment and realize we're the only English speakers for miles around. That is, what we usually look for often leads us to situations where we wonder how the hell we got into a given situation like that, but it has almost … Continue reading

Nord Italia | Grazie mille!

Bonnie and I have been looking forward to this part of our travels since we left almost a year ago: we got to visit our friends Cinzia and Alberto in northern Italy! We also had the pleasure of meeting their adorable son Valentino and the rest of their family over the course of most of a week. The … Continue reading