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Sabah, Borneo, to be precise. We spent the past several days volunteering at the ROR (Rhythms of Rimba) Wildlife Festival in Sepilok. The Borneo ROR is a 2-day outdoor festival of art, music and adventure, bringing together wildlife conservation organizations and scientists … Continued

Little Farm Friendly Project

No, that’s not a typo; at least, we don’t think, anyway – that’s how you look it up online. Here’s their website! Maybe it’s a translation thing? In any case, it’s a little farm-slash-animal sanctuary in Ratchaburi Province, about two … Continued

Ahhh…the aroma of burning forests. And pond goop.

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The former of which – the burning, smoky, campfire smell – we’ve woken up to for a few days now. That, and an omnipresent haze  that has reduced our mountain vistas to hints of mysterious valleys and pseudo-overcast white-greyness. Moral … Continued

The fence is king! Long live the fence!

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The gigantic fence around the field, orchards and garden is finally done! It’s been the better part of a year in the making, but we managed to get through the last long side of it since we’ve been here. While … Continued

Bob Marley really is good jammin’ music, it turns out

[Email subscribers: be sure to click through for image slider] After countless hours of braving the thorns and sometimes steep hillsides to pick wild blackberries, we finally got to make some jam yesterday. After it was all said and done, we … Continued

Jerks of the Farm

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Just thought we’d honor some of the inhabitants of the farm by describing exactly how annoying they are: Star thistle – These little pricks (pun intended) grow what are basically little needle-covered morning stars on soft, pale green stalks that are … Continued

Days of Colorful Fingers

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[If you’re getting this over email, be sure to click through to see our photo carousel] We’ve been hearing about winds since we got here, winds that supposedly rival the Air Force Academy’s famous down-mountain gales, enough that you wouldn’t … Continued

So sticky. So humid. Also, Brazil, we hardly knew ye…

Today was more trench-clearing for Will and Frank – no more fence was laid as yet, but still, progress was made. Very, very sweaty progress…it was like the morning was a salute to sticky Tucson monsoon days. Meghan and Bonnie joined … Continued

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