Travel Research: Northeastern Thailand

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Northeastern Thailand, interestingly, has a name unto itself: Isan. Double-interestingly: “Isan” comes from the Sanskrit for “northeast,” which makes me wonder at something I’ve long suspected, namely, how much the Thai and Indian languages are connected. But I’ll handle that … Continued

Travel Research: Himachal Pradesh

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Should we get a hankering for checking “mountains” off a list of places to visit, Himachal Pradesh will be the place to go. I mean, we can go to plenty of places with mountains, but this one has some bits … Continued

Travel Research: Haryana

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Hello, Haryana! North, central India¬†represent! Okay I’m not sure if this state actually warrants that enthusiasm.¬†Hmm…this state sounds familiar to me because I feel like I’ve had food named after it. Or…shoot, am I thinking of Biryani, in a half-rhyme … Continued

Travel Research: Chhattisgarh

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Hello, sort of central India! On to Chhattisgarh! I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce that! This is indeed the most central state we’ve looked at so far – it’s the tenth largest, but the sixteenth most populous….not a … Continued