Blessed Highs, Painful Lows

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Well, yesterday things started out relatively neutral, anyway. Taking Rogue to the shot clinic at Petco was pretty painless, if boring in waiting in line for about an hour; Rogue, being the awesome cat that she is, put up with … Continued

Ugh. Insurance.

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Dealing with insurance has never been one of our favorite things. In one sense, it just seems like a weird kind of gambling. We’re betting the insurance company that we will get in a car accident, that we’ll contract some bizarre … Continued

In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part three

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Part three! Of three. Last one, for now anyway. This is less medicinal, per se, and more practices for self-maintenance, so they’re pretty easy to transport given they exist more in an abstract. Or, you know, in small spherical form. … Continued

In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part two

Here’s part one, in case you missed it.  Part two is about things that are ingested, so it isn’t as topical, but still topical, if you catch my drift. Anyhoo, we like these especially because they’re small, light, and easy … Continued

In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part one

Now that we’re considering what to pack for our travels, one category of things we’ve been looking at is first aid and health. We’ve yet to decide about some of the more standard things like antibiotics and bandages (though we … Continued

Mindful Eating Part 2

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Here’s part 1, in case you missed it. Below is an exercise I encourage everyone to try, using a Hershey’s Kiss or other small chocolate.  If you don’t eat or don’t like chocolate, pick something else you love to eat, … Continued

Travel Exercise: Tai Chi. T’ai chi? Taiji.

Tai chi, or whichever of its several transliterations into English like I was wondering which to use in the title, might be a little off-putting as a way of exercising simply in seeming so unfamiliar.  How moving in very slow … Continued

Naturopaths Without Borders Trip – December 20-22, 2013

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I recently returned from a medical mission with Naturopaths Without Borders, a non-profit organization that brings naturopathic medicine to an impoverished community in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. While Puerto Peñasco (or Rocky Point) is a popular tourist destination for Americans who … Continued