Travel Research: Jammu and Kashmir

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Here’s an interesting little region – north of the previous state, more directly in the Himalayan mountains, lies¬†Jammu and Kashmir. Now, get ready for some confusing talk, because I was confused reading it, so I’m guessing my writing will be … Continued

Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness: an Arizona classic

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Trivial things¬†we knew about Aravaipa Canyon upon a first thought: according to Google, it’s four, maybe five hours away from either Tucson or Phoenix Kevin once saw a centipede of monstrous, prehistoric proportions there from when I was in Boy … Continued

Highlights post-peninsula: Oregon Coast!

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Leaving the peninsula, we ended up staying in Aberdeen, which is apparently where Kurt Cobain grew up. There wasn’t much to recommend it from our perspective – it was foggy, grey, and industrial – except for a Mexican restaurant we … Continued

Never thought we’d go to Tennessee! Part One

First off, purely in terms of scenery, early March may not have been the best time to visit Tennessee. To my eyes, every last tree and plant looked so grey and dead that the state seemed to be one stray … Continued