Travel Research: Bihar

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Bihar is located a bit over from the Seven Sisters, at the northeast corner of the main part of India. Its history stretches back into powerful, prominent ages, but more recently it seems to have fallen onto some hard times. … Continued

Our Friends Are Awesome At Things, Part Two

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Experiments Gone Awry…A Portal Into Fantasy And Horror Or so the big tent-style camp-tastic MC introduced our friends Carolyn and Jason at “ScareCraft 3: Circus of Terror” at AirCraft Aerial Arts. Incidentally, the circus school is next to the aptly … Continued

Dry River Yacht Club: Worth a Two-Hour Trip

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“We came all the way down from Scottsdale tonight just for this band.”  We heard that just before Dry River Yacht Club started playing at Plush, and by the end of their set, we had to agree that we’d be … Continued

Sun Bones: Try to Stay Seated. I Dare You.

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“Theatrical” was the word we eventually decided on to describe a Sun Bones show.  The four band members were line abreast right at the front of the stage for most of the songs…well, the key word there being “most.”  Amidst … Continued

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister: Glam Folk? Desert Pop? Awesome.

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He’s My Brother She’s My Sister might be based in Los Angeles but they’re a unique band that’s worth traveling for.  Almost all of their songs are toe-tappingly catchy, and even their slower numbers get as much out of the interplay … Continued