Thailand, here we come!

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After lots and lots of back and forth about flight options, it’s official! We booked our flights to Bangkok! We’re leaving on May 26th out of Los Angeles, and we got a super smokin’ deal! Now it’s time for the … Continued

Blessed Highs, Painful Lows

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Well, yesterday things started out relatively neutral, anyway. Taking Rogue to the shot clinic at Petco was pretty painless, if boring in waiting in line for about an hour; Rogue, being the awesome cat that she is, put up with … Continued

Phoenix is still hot. Not quite as hot as before, but still.

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So. Still attempting to discern how best to acclimatize our cat to her new home at Bonnie’s parents’ house. We think we’ve got the right idea going, but there’s still a good bit of hissing and yowling…but hey, no blood … Continued

The Land of Asphalt and Highways, Cont’d

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We’ve been continuing to organize and store our things, rest from the whirlwind that was leaving Tucson, and most importantly, eating things. (Mostly) fun times. To make sure we had some relaxing time, we saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 – … Continued

Phoenix. So hot. Hoooooot.

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Well, after this morning I can’t say I’ve never been to a restaurant before their “early bird specials” even started. And I’m not talking, like, IHOP at two in the morning because you stayed up all night, I’m talking for … Continued