Bonnie’s Farm-Fresh Curry!

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Ingredients buttah (melty) onions (white) ginger (grated) garlic (delicious) jalapenos (chopped) taters (subterranean) chard (rainbow) squash (raygun-style) green beans (sneaky) carrots (oddly colored) broccoli stems (postmodern) coconut milk (creamy) broth (savory) leftover dill relish from canning (random) curry and chili … Continued

In which you hear perhaps a bit much of my medical history, part two

Here’s part one, in case you missed it.  Part two is about things that are ingested, so it isn’t as topical, but still topical, if you catch my drift. Anyhoo, we like these especially because they’re small, light, and easy … Continued

Never thought we’d go to Tennessee! Part Two

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In case you missed it, here’s part 1. The next day we drove out of Knoxville through the much less garish town of Sweetwater, a small, kindly town apparently composed of nothing but antique shops and lumberyards. Okay, so they … Continued

You just gotta dive right in…

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Cooking for me has been a journey, and I certainly owe my mom a lot of credit.  As a kid, I always helped her in the kitchen, and she taught me so much along the way.  She likes to remind … Continued