High End Eating in Cozumel

Went twice during my trip to get its lobster and king crab. Great food and service. Ideal for dinner. Everything was fantastic. A bit more expensive but worth it to the ambience, fantastic view and air conditioned. Cheap compared to many US cities to the exact same food.

YEAH! Back to some “fan” because last summer’s dining experience. We had dinner, doubtful from last time, we’re pleasantly surprised. Food and Services enhanced two fold.We’d cocktails while choosing the menu. The Salad was excellent and the totally cooked Scallops and Fish Fillet. The Steaks were performed to ideal petition, (note: there are two costs for the meat collections 1) Angus American Steak $, 2) Neighborhood Steak $). The Steak au Poivre was the neighborhood beef $ and the Ribeye was that the Angus Steak $. Both tasted and looked both equal.

What a nice surprise that was…. Service was among the very best on the island, food was magnificent, costs reasonable for the high quality and the Crepe Suzette dessert was a incredible presentation. Nice 2nd floor view over the harbor was. A wonderful bonus.

How delicious it is to eat in Cozumel! I have had the pleasure of traveling many times to this beautiful island. I have come with my friends, with my wife, and with my family. And let me tell you something: it is always an incredible experience. Talking with some tourist, he mentioned the playa del carmen to cozumel snorkeling tours for families. I will definitely go soon to one of those fishing trips! This time we met some different places. One of them is Pepe’s. A delicious downtown restaurant at a reasonable price. Our friends recommended us Pepe’s. But do understand if they are swamped it will take a little time for your food but it is worth it.

I had been on holiday in mexico with household and we made a booking for 9 individuals here. When we came they led us into a tiny private space that had a window facing the road overlooking the sea. The food came quickly and was fairly great. We urge the mashed potatoes. We liked eating and using a gorgeous view to check at.

Ocean view dining, amazing food (my husband pick his own cut of beef ) – I’d the House Specialty – Mayan Chicken… best I’ve ever had…. Ensure that you leave room for dessert…. And the ceremony was beyond good! Waiter was so cautious… and the cost… we couldn’t find a service or meal that great at home to the purchase price.

We have been going to Cozumel for more than thirty decades and are extremely knowledgeable about island. By far our four popular restaurants are, in no specific sequence, Pepe’s Grill, Buccano’s, Pancho’s Backyard and Guido’s. Each of them deserves five stars.


Loved this location. I had a beef (similar to a roast, it was enormous) with fresh potatoes and asparagus. It was yummy, the bread that they serve together with all the butter was also very great, they had a wonderful choice of wine. A meal like this at a similar venue where we’re from will be 100. Loved the view of the water and also the road, good place to see the sunset. I’d return again for sure! We also had a fantastic server!