Most Beautiful Resort Ever

Lately my mom and I traveled to Mexico to get a much needed vacation at El Dorado Royale. This is my 2nd trip to this lovely hotel with superior cuisine. I brought my mother to experience everything the house has to offer you. On our final night, we chose to visit D’Italia Villas. To make a long story short, the restaurant was full, so we had been given a pager because of this 40 minute wait.

After about 15 minutes, the hostess, Fernanna or Fernanda, came out to notify us that we had on inappropriate footwear (flip flops). Both my mom and I had been sporting Michael Kors designer flip flops. I had been sporting a Bebe shirt apparel. There were other members of the restaurant wearing flip flops and gentlemen sporting t shirts, but being denied entrance to the restaurant was unacceptable. There weren’t many African Americans in the hotel, so we took it private. When there was a problem with our apparel or sneakers, why say something after 15 minutes instead of when we arrived.

Whether you arrive a few days or several weeks, Playa del Carmen is definitely the place. Your family and friends will love it. The spots to meet are beautiful. It will be an experience you will never forget. And if you care about the accommodation, there are many options. From small hotels to large chain resorts. Dorado is a charming hotel. Some employees recommended us the beach el cielo playa palancar tours near here. The good thing about boutique hotels is the experience. You do not have to deal with hotel chain problems because the customer service is remarkable. I loved it.

The very first time that I arrived to El Dorado Royale and Casitas, I remained on the Casitas facet and had a number of friends. To cut to the chase, we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in this hotel, and while I would like to remark on all of the fantastic things, I must point this unfortunate circumstance. I did talk with the night supervisor, Juan, and I hope they will cope with Fernanna or even Fernando appropriately. I am not saying I won’t ever return, but it surely will not be any time soon! I have a terrible taste in mouth, particularly due to how my 74 year-old mom sensed. She denied eat anything that night from some of those restaurants.

Some of the very best food and service I’ve ever received on holiday. We’re scheduling our 2019 excursion back there and reserving our kid’s destination wedding on the market in 2020. You will find several great pools a few for its younger adults along with others for the elderly audience. Things go slower but that wishes to be in a rush on holiday. I would like to unwind not hurry through my foods.

This was my very first solo holiday and I adored it. The service was exceptional… in the time I checked into the time that I checked out. The only thing I might say… if you’re single and trying to mingle this isn’t the place for you. I was not trying to find a party hotel so this area works for me.

We had our destination wedding in the El dorado and 75 of our nearest friends and loved ones. The hotel blew my expectations out of the water. They had been accommodating for our team dimensions and our guests had an wonderful time! I can not wait to return to our honeymoon this past year!


While we have been yearly traffic to Karisma’s Riviera Maya resorts since 2005, this is our first trip to El Dorado Royale. By the last day of the week long trip, we’re still finding new strategies to locate our way round the beautifully manicured tropical atmosphere. The property has been complete portion of our stay however, the happy, careful and gracious staff never looked stressed as well as the centers managed the audiences readily – no waits in bars or restaurants.Food is a top priority for Karisma and El Dorado Royale needed a tasty range of restaurants, together with gourmet alternatives and presentations. A great deal of options of swimming pools with some very busy and many others silent and serene. And you are never really far from a pub and a tropical beverage!