You will instantly love this place

As soon as we get off a cruise we constantly go here for lounge chairs, food and beverages. The view is great and the food selection is excellent as well as beverages. The staff is so attentive and helpful. There’s a pool on the premises also in the event that you don’t need to venture on the rocky shore. This place is crucial. Just a 5/person can ride out of the interface.

Everything is neat and clean. Staff is exceptional anxious to please. Beautiful views sea is 100 ft away. Breakfast buffet is big and delicious. Quiet friendly respectful audience here and there’s a really large repeat trip after. If peace and quiet are the thing, don’t miss this one.

Staying in Cozumel is an incredible experience. There are so many options that you can find the style you want. Five-star hotel? Yes, there are. Boutique and intimate hotel? Yes, there are. It’s what I love about Cozumel. When we were eating, I heard two people talk about a popular cozumel snorkeling from shore tour for beginners. I’ll try that in some other time. People say it’s beautiful to do this in Cozumel. Playa Azul is an incredible hotel. I went there with my family. The employees are friendly, the check-in fast, and the rooms very comfortable – a recommended place for Cozumel visitors.

A couple of photographs taken today of fish outside the hotel, we had been snorkelling. The food is good. The staff are really useful. Bathrooms are spacious. Sun is shining…. What might be better! I’d definitely return.

I am a little tentative to discuss this particular review, as my husband and myself wish to maintain this place! Playa Azul is really a hidden jewel among the standard tourist insanity in Cozumel. We found Playa Azul through a cruise in November 2017 at which the resort was gracious enough to offer you the hotel to us throughout our day at Cozumel. We also attracted my daughter-in-law along (first excursion from the US). There are insufficient words to describe the heat, support, and exceptionally fond attitude of the whole staff by the maids, the care employees, front desk personnel, the restaurant servers, bartenders, office employees AND management.

Playa Azul really treats you like a part of the loved ones and it shows in every part of the resort. Rooms are spotlessly clean, in addition to the whole resort. The food is beyond flavorful with such a varied menu and the chef appears to outdo himself with each meal. The Food and Beverage Manager (Paco) greets one on the day that you arrive also makes sure you understand he’s there for you during your whole stay. We’re planning to book the following week to get following Fall and my spouse and I have discussed with Playa Azul be our holiday destination each year. Playa Azul has lots of households (several for generations) which return every year… that alone ought to let you know how unique it is!

I am not quite certain where to begin but this hotel has everything. By the moment you wake until the time you go to bed, the team leaves your day relaxing. They’ve become more than friends to my spouse and I; they’re family. I can not wait to book another trip so we can lay around the shore and see the sunsets. Oh , you have to attempt the manana sauce the restaurant functions. It is so yummy it is going to provide you something to remember tomorrow about.

Playa Azul is a wonderful resort north of town of San Miguel. It’s an excellent region to a wonderful beach. The staff was quite friendly and accommodating. This not your normal tourist hotel, but much more of neighborhood favorite. The pub grill includes yummy fresh seafood along with the breakfast buffet was great!The rooms at the most important part in the event the resort that’s the family friendly area, want updating and tlc. We changed into a oceanfront jacuzzi suite on the north side of the resort and found it a lot fresher and cleaner. Overall I discovered this hotel to be refreshing relaxing.